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Unlimited - Month to Month

Most Flexible Option!

Cancel anytime.

Fine Prints:

  • When you sign up for month to month your rate is locked in for 1 year, you won't be effected by any price changes during this period.
  • You can hold the plan by for up to 2 months at anytime
  • You can also cancel anytime before your next billing date

There are no fees for hold or cancellation.

To hold or cancel contact us at 778-709-0351 or info@sunberryfitness.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

The Sunberry Promise:

All Inclusive, no extra charges for popular classes!

Our Membership includes all Group Fitness classes including the popular Group Training & Barre Fitness!

Ultimate Flexibility

Upgrade or Downgrade your Usage. You're not stuck with 1 choice!

Feel Safe Signing Up
As a Sunberry Member, you are covered for all of lives' events - from pregnancy, working overtimes, holidays, or relocation, our membership can accommodate.

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